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Ajmal Kasab

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One news today morning took every Indian by surprise. Ajmal Kasab was hanged till death in Pune's Yerwada Jail today early morning around 7.30 am. There was nothing in air about this incident to happen in near future,so when people heard this news today, it changed the mood altogether.
Who was Ajmal Kasab?
He was member of terrorist group who attcked Mumbai on November 26,2008. He was the only terrorist captured alive out of the 10 who attacked different places in Mumbai. His main target was CST and the neighboring places.
It was one of the biggest terrorist attacks on India since 1993 bomb blast. 166 people lost their lives. These terrorists started firing blindly at anybody and everybody who came across them. Apparently one of their main targets was the Taj hotel which is known for hosting foreign tourists mainly from USA and European countries. But at the same time they also targeted   public places like CST. It only suggests there was no discrimination and only intention was to kill people, as many as possible.
It was one of the shocking day in the history of India. Every Indian felt this  attack. Those who lost their beloveds in this attack were totally devastated. Those who experienced  the situation still feel tormented. All others who witnessed it from long distance are still full of rage. It took almost 4 days to bring situation under control. Many policemen and defense personnel lost their lives. Only 10  terrorists carrying AK-47 and other weapons held Mumbai on gunpoint.
Ajmal Kasab was of those 10 who opened firing at CST and went on rampage with AK47 in his hand. Probably he was not content with the number of people killed there, so, moved out of CST and started firing people in open, on a near by hospital, policemen coming across and what not.
Police managed to catch Kasab alive while his partner was killed in counter attack.
It took 4 years to put charges on him, prove them,  again prove them in higher courts, finally get consent from President against his mercy appeal and then hang him till death on this very day.
People were getting more and more anxious with every passing day and started condemning the Government for the delay blaming it of  doing Vote bank politics. They lost the confidence in Government over this and were sure that Government will never take this big step. Even today when the news was disclosed, they started claiming that he must have died of Dengue fever and just to save their skin, government is declaring that they hanged him.
On internet, people openly appreciated the move and congratulated in spite of the fact that it actually involved a death of a person, which normally is not a case with Indians.
This is a big day in every Indian's life. Though, the news has been followed by some counter warnings from some terrorist outfits. I hope India learns its lesson from the mistakes it made 4 years back and remain prepared for any such attack, so that Indians won't have to turn blunt enough to celebrate the death of  a person.

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