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London Paralympics: Girisha

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Well it is more or less unnoticed event taking place in London at the moment. After all hum-drum about London Olympics faded, people (including me) forgot that there is paralympics staged at the same venue.

Surely news were appearing but they were occupying relatively small corners of the newspapers.

Yesterday, though was little bit different. It caught eye of many Indians. Although it doesn't appear gaining that much popularity as our Olympic winners got, but Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda came into highlight when he won the silver medal in high jump event.

 He was competing in a group that comprise of sportsmen with disability with their hands or legs. Girisha has a disability with his left leg. Now, legs are I believe the most important part of body that helps you to push yourself high up away from ground.
In spite of that, Girisha managed to bring the best out of him to make his career best effort to cross the mark of 1.74 meters.

Can a normal non-athletic man do that easily? I doubt that. Even the Indian female contestant in London Olympics last month hardly managed to cross the height of 1.8 meters.

I think, bringing the best out of you at the big stage is a task that most of us and all Indian sportsperson fail to do. Girisha is an inspiration who should be respected and treated as well as our other Olympics winners.

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