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India at Olympics 2012- Day 1

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It was a disappointing beginning for India, once again in Olympics.
Do not know why, but this year I was expecting to listen some good news right from the beginning.
If not medals then at least 75% of Indian participants succeeding in their events.
But unfortunately that didn't happened.
If you look at the results:

- Sania-Rushmi bow out of Women's doubles event of Olympics
- Soniya Chanu finishes 7th in 48kg weightlifting
- Jwala Gutta-Ashwini Ponappa lose Olympic opener
- Shiva Thapa's Olympic debut ends with crushing first round defeat
- Vijay Kumar fails to qualify for 10m Air Pistol finals
- Paddler Ankita Das crashes out of London Olympics
- Vijay Kumar fails to qualify for 10m Air Pistol finals
- Men's archery team knocked out of Olympics
- Women's archery team stood 9th in the ranking race.
- Jwala-Diju pair loses opening group match

It is disappointing.

I expected Sania-Rushmi pair to at least cross 2 rounds if not win a medal.

Women's doubles and mixed doubles badminton results were big disappointments. Although they are not out of competition yet, the task is tougher ahead. I am surprised because few days back I read somewhere Jwala Gutta saying that she is prepared to play more than one game in a day (since she is participating in both Women's doubles and mixed doubles). She has always been doing this and it is not new to her. But now that she lost both her opening matches, she is blaming the organizing committee for mismanagement in scheduling the matches on same day.

I feel players better concentrate on their games rather than giving bites to media. Unlike Jwala, I haven't heard a single word from Saina ( a lot from Sania though who crashed out in first round). So, even if Saina looses, there won't be any talks behind her back. She played , she lost, story ends.

Another player I am wishing to concentrate on her games is Mary Kom. I don't know why at this moment she is giving all these statements in the media. We know you are a struggler, you have come long way fighting it out all the time and actually with no need to prove yourself. But please get back to the ring and concentrate on your game and shut the mouth of your critics with a medal.

One more disappointment was Men's archery team. Although they fought and lost a close game after tie, but we were expecting this to happen may be in the finals, not before that and surely not in the first round.

I had heard of Shiva Thapa in last few days and was looking forward for his fights but I guess inexperience took over the excitement. Well he has a long way to go and hopefully he will turn into another Vijender Singh in coming years.

While there were mostly disappointments, at least few Indians survived the first day.

- Vijender Singh beats Danabek Suzhanov in men's middleweight boxing
- Soumyajit Ghosh makes memorable Olympic debut
- Rower Swarn Singh 4th in singles sculls heats, to fight in repechage

Vijender Singh is one of our best bets in this season and I am looking forward to his game.
I haven't heard of Soumyajit Ghosh earlier, but now will watch out for him in coming days.
And I no idea what sculls heat and repechage means but I am wishing Rower Swarn Singh very best wishes to do well in the round of repechage.

On the other note, words are making rounds about a mystery woman in India's march past. I did not see the inauguration, but did saw the bite of India's troupe walking into the ground. Even I was surprised to see a woman in casual wear walking in front of Indian players. She neither looked like a player nor her casual wear made us accept her as  one of the managers. Now it is clear that she had nothing to do Indian squad. But I must admire the confidence with which she was walking in front all the crowd, everybody had to give up suspicion of her being an intruder at that instant.

- India clueless about mystery woman at march past

On bigger front, Phelps is fading out this season. Guy who won all the 8 golds in last season could not manage to come in top three in his first swim. Lets see how he performs in others.

- Lochte wins 400m medley, Phelps shut out

A new world record is set in rowing by guys from Newzealand beating the record of English guys

- New Zealand set world rowing record

And not to forget a doping test finding found the first culprit of the season.

- Hysen Pulaku becomes first doping cheat of London Olympics

All these news can be read in detail on Times of India
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