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Tackling Terrorism - France Vs India

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I don't need to mention the incidences of terrorism in India.There are so many of those that we can't count them on fingures. How such incidences are handled, how long it takes to get a verdict on any of the terrorist act and then how long it finally takes to actually impliment the punishment to the culprits (the answer to which is - probably never).

What I want to talk today is about a similar incidence that recently shocked a city called Toulouse in France.

It probably started on March 11. Some guy killed a soldier. After 4 days he killed another 2 soldiers.After another 4 days, he attacked a school and killed a guy and 3 innocent kids.

These incidences took whole of France by surprise. France is not used to such incidences. Various theories were putforth to initially understand the motivation behind individual incidences and then connecting these 3 incidences.

It was heard that some theories were actually rumoured to make the culprit ignorant by convincing that he is not on the radar. The culprit was otherwise wise enough not to leave any proof of involvement. In such cases it would have been difficult to spot the culprit and arrest him.

But the seriousness showed by the French government towards these attacks is evident from the fact that as close as 120 different detective cells were set up with in a short period to find out the identity of the culprit. Their efforts showed success and with 10 days they were not only able to find out the identity but were also able to track him down.

The police first made all the attempts to make a clean arrest of the culprit but after negotiating for over a day, nothing happened when they tried to attack and capture him. In the attempt the culprit tried to jump down from 5th floor of the buildig where he was hiding. In this hum-drum the sniper got him and he was in the end found dead on the ground.

The cause behind the terrorist attack is not the reason behind this post. The point is to show how such acts are treated here. With a period of 11 days, the Government caught hold of the culprit. They wanted to bring him to justice but he unfortunately ended up dead.

People around can now take a sigh of relief and their belief in the efficiency of their government has increased.

Can we Indians give out such sigh of relief and can our Government build such a belief that will allow us to live with feeling of safe and secure.
I leave it all to think with just an added information that in a place near our capital, women are now not allowed to work beyond 8.00 pm because the government can not fulfill the responsibility of their safety.

So do we really need to talk about safety from terrorists then?
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