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About the righteousness of the Hazare movement

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I came across a discussion on Lokpal and how good and right is agitation by Anna Hazare.
Some claimed that people are following him blindly without being aware of the issues in it. It was also claimed that Anna's movement is hocus and more on the lines of blackmailing the government. I participated in the discussion putting down these points:

Why people want to discuss pros and cons of "Lokpal Bill"?
Because everybody know this word "Lokpal bill".
Can anybody tell five other bills which have been passed in Indian Parliament in last one year and what are pros and cons of those? I doubt anybody can! Atleast I do not know.
        This is the contribution of Anna Hazare. Because of him and his agitation, almost every Indian is today aware of this bill. They might be not knowing the pros and cons completely but simply the knowledge enough of its existence is itself a big difference in India. Its different when a common man who otherwise don't really care, is actively trying to understand a bill.
        This also has brought awareness about corruption. Two years back, the discussion about corruption used to revolve around the negative thought " India is very corrupt,Nothing can happen". So Anna Hazare brought this change, we are now trying to move away from this negative thought.

       Questioning the credibility of Anna Hazare is something I would avoid. This guy has lots of good deeds in his pocket. He was partly resoponsible for the RTI act which played crucial role in bringing out all the present famous scams we here everyday.Not to mention he first uses all the legally allowed methods to make his point.

       I don't think hunger strike is a way of black mail. It is a way of quiet protest. It will appear strong for two reasons: your reason has to be worthy enough for people to consider it and you should be strong enough to pull it on.
otherwise: nobody would care even if you die.
      There is a lady in Manipur on hunger strike for last 10 yrs. How many people in "India" were aware of  her name and the reason behind it and why nobody feels blackmailed because of her strike. (because she is not a significant figure and nobody really cares for the eastern states of India and their problems.)

      For an instant, even if we consider it as a kind of blackmail, I would say it is a better way. because it gives you time to think and take actions and most of the time it ends with some futuristic propositions of considering the demands.Realizing that the bill is under discussion since some time around 1963, are 50 yrs not a long time even by Indian standards to make a decision and worth blackmailing?

      Looking at the incidence that happened few days back with Sharad Pawar, Are we waiting for a kind of Blackmail where somebody holds all the MPs on gunpoint saying "OK, you do it now or you are dead"

      I prefer to go with Anna Hazare, and I don't see a real need to dig in deep for all the pros and cons of the bill because what all I know about lokpal is a lot more information than I know about any other bill passed till date.

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