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England White Wash

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An incredible series win of 5-0 by Indian team over England might have come as a big surprise to many after their pathetic performance in England tour. But it was no surprise to me atleast. I always believed that the present Indian team is good and what happened in England was a bad dream worth forgetting.

         First of all, consider the back to back series arranged for the Indian players. Beginning with world cup followed by IPL immediately with a break of just 4 days was really a long and exhaustive schedule for any player to think of playing any more games.
        Inspite of that Indian players managed to do well in the immediately following West Indies tour. I personally do not find games against West Indies interesting because winning or loosing is all decided by the West Indian team and really does not depend on what is the calibre of their opponent team. On their day, nobody can beat West Indies but otherwise they know well how to loose an almost won match
        These back to back game series were more than enough to take out all energy and excitement out of any player to play any serious cricket. But then the Indian team had to immediately face one of most difficult tour of England. The adverse conditions of England are really discouraging. And to perform well in those conditions, one has to be in strong mental condition which obviously was not the condition with Indian team. The consequences of the England's adverse condition was evident from number of replacements we sent on this tour. If I am not wrong as many as eight players were replaced during the tour.
        The quality and strength of England team really doesn't matter. After  Flintoff, I really don't care for and find any charm in England team. 
        One would expect that inspite of all the reasons Indians should have given good performance being professional players. But I was ok with India's whitewash in England series. Because they have proved their mettle back here in India by making clean sweap against the same team they lost few days back.   
        So, Congratulations to Indian team for this success against England and Best Wishes for the Australian tour.
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