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Imagine a situation where you enter a movie theater to watch a hollywood movie. You are inside the theater initially adjusting to the darkness and then with the seat to get comfortable. Soon, the Universal studios appears in front of you. But something is weird here. You hear some bollywood hit falling on your ears. Then you realize this is a famous song “Chal chaiyya chaiyya” from some Shahrukh movie I can't remember the name though at the moment. Guess it is “Dil Se”.
For a moment, you get confused if you are watching a hollywood movie or a bollywood movie!!
If you want to experience such a situation, do watch Inside Man. The movie begins with this song with a van moving in the streets of I guess Manhattan. They have used almost complete song with slight remix. Believe me, it sounds weird. Either the song selection was wrong or a hindi song altogether does not fit in those frames. After watching movie, I was wondering if the song had any connection with the movie theme too or the director just liked it and so used it.
This weird introduction though made me sit through whole movie and watch it.
Now, I won't write about the movie. It is a watchable movie but does not take hold of you. To cut the story short, a perfect (!) bank robbery plan with some hidden agenda.
But I definitely liked two things in the movie. The beginning and the end. The famous “Chal chaiyya chaiyya” returns again in the end.
All in all it was totally weird to listen “Chal chaiyya chaiyya” with no Malaika arora and shahrukh dancing on train, but listening the song after such a long interval was really worth.
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