Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prime Minister's Interview

Ka Jo
 I started getting messages on Facebook and Whataspp related to the exclusive interview given by our Prime Minister to Times Now. I had no clue about it before, but then came to know of its re telecast at 9.00 p.m. At the same time, I also received the full written version of the interview, which I tried reading for some time. When I started watching it at 9.00 p.m., since initial part was all read by me, and as it was full of formalities, where Arnab and the Prime Minister were thanking and wishing each other ( kind of again and again) for many different  reasons. Contrary to what I read from different messages about awesome interview, I found the start little sluggish. May be because, we are used to see Arnab speaking in such  a polite and normal way to anybody and also because we always hear Prime Minister giving speeches and not giving interviews. So, I thought, its just another boring interview and I switched the channel, started watching some dumb movie. During one of the breaks in the movie, I for no reason switched back to the interview. At this moment, the interview probably had taken a grip with some serious discussion on. Arnab was asking questions on any subject and the Prime Minister was answering in complete detail. I was really surprised to realize the depth of knowledge, our Prime Minister had on all the issues. For example, he was talking about the improvisation of farmer's situation. When he was talking about the steps taken for their improvement, the kind of detailing he went into to support his actions, were amazing.For the first time, I felt like, yes, for the first time probably (in my life time), we have a Prime minister, who has views ! and they are worth listening and also getting motivated. I watched complete interview there after, and felt it was worth spent one hour fifteen minutes. I guess, even Arnab did good job.He touched upon all the issues and even tried going in details. Infact the Prime minister himself went in so many details, that Arnab don't had to do much work there. After watching it completely, even I found it really fantastic and worth sharing. Do watch this interview, as  it helps us creating better picture of present situation of our country.

Video Courtesy: DataTeam News

( The quality of video isn't that good, but what is important here is what the Prime minister talked about.)

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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