Thursday, June 16, 2016

Are you still young?

Ka Jo
Through Whatsapp, I came across this very interesting site, which kind of checks your promptness, attentiveness and presence of mind. Well the title of the message was
Are you still young?
All that you have to do is click on numbers in a sequential manner arranged in 5X5 square box. This game is called 1to50.

So, there is a 5X5 square box which contains numbers from 1 to 25. You have to click them in sequential manner. Once a number is clicked, it is replaced by a number between 26-50. The minimum time you take to click all 50 numbers put you in different levels, which is kind of connected to you youngness.

The time range given are as follows:
10-19: impossible
20-29 : Liar
30-39: You are Special
60-79: Normal
80-99: You are getting old
More than 100 sec: You are old

Now this marking system is a part of the game started on Whatsapp. Original site does not suggest any such thing. I consider it to be partly, a memory test for a reason. First of all, you get to see the first 25 numbers and memorize them before you can start the game. So, if you are good with remembering thing, you can really save lot of time in clicking first 25 numbers. May be, after that, it is real test of your promptness and attentiveness.

It is really interesting and fun to play this through. I scored 65, on my mobile and 57 on the desktop. So, all in all I am close to Normal.
What do you think you are :
Try it here:

Leave your scores in the comment section.

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