Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One interview: different reflections

Ka Jo
Some body suggested to watch recent AAP KI ADALAT's episode on Raj Thakre. Apparently it was awesome. The way he was blunt and clear in his views made an impact on many people including the anchor who appreciated this answers at many instances. It was more evident, when a girl from the crowd called Raj's views inspiring ( and even looked little inspired). I have been a big fan of Raj Thakre for some time, if not for any good reason, at least for his oratory skills. He is one of the best speakers in India at the moment. I think, I will improvise on my words and call him the best speaker I have heard in long-long time. He speaks with proof in hands, talk straight and blunt and has a passion in his words which no wonder attracts crowd in millions. If you start listening his speeches, you can't stop in between and you don't want him to stop. The experience has always been exhilarating. The only issue is all his speeches have been in Marathi language which makes it cut off to all other people who doesn't understand Marathi. This has a negative impact that many a times, his words have been construed and presented in odd manner making much different meaning than what he intended to convey. And since his speeches are straight and blunt, he has often been portrayed negatively.
In this context, his recent  visit to Aap ki Adalat's new episode was a relief. Since, here, he talked in Hindi, he put his views on many of the issues in words which now can be understood by many people of India. 
 Apparently, it helped in making his image a little better than earlier. While watching the video, I came across two other of his interviews recently taken by Arnab Goswami by Times now and by Rajdeep Sardesai for IBN.

What really made me think is the way Raj put his points in the same way across all the three interviews. He was consistent in his points (including the examples and puns). And it also didn't seemed rehearsed.

What put me off is the way Arnab and Rajdeep were stuck with the questions and the way they kept repeating the same questions again and again. The worst one was by Arnab, who really made me wonder, how on earth has he reached to such big heights to run a channel on his shoulders. He was pathetic. He looked unprepared with no matter to discuss with Raj Thakre and so circled around one question for almost 20 minutes. This changed only after Raj warned him to move over to some other topic.
Rajdeep was no different. Only thing is Raj bluntly said no to answer his repeated questions and so he had to move to other questions which again were not taking the interview in any good direction.
In comparison, Aap ki Adalat was a much better show where he had a variety of allegations to answer to and even Raj didn't appeared angry as he looked at times in other 2 interviews.

After viewing these videos, coincidentally, I came across an interview of Rak Thakre on Z24TAAS  a Marathi channel. Though, it started on the same note as other three interviews, where once again Raj answered in the same fashion as earlier. But here, something different did happened. Raj was asked about his views on development, his views to include Reliance in the development of Godapark in Nashik, his views on privatisation etc, and his views did made some sense which needless to say were very clear and blunt. Unfortunately, I could not find its video on YOUTUBE  to share here.

All in all, one thing is clear to me that the media in our country is irresponsible and apparently haven't understood the meaning of strength they have with them. As a result, some are misusing it while others can not make the best of the opportunities they get. The end result: confusion and chaos in the public. 

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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