Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How I Met Your Mother - is over

Ka Jo
Those who keep track of the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" might be little disheartened that it is over.
Yesterday I watched the last two back to back episodes. Surprisingly these two episodes did not created that interest which is a signature of HIMYM's each and every other episode. It was kind of evident, that they some how tried to wrap it up. Apparently, the producers and directors already had the end in the mind, but they falter in arriving at that situation. It seemed like little disconnected.
Although, through one of the questions of Ted's son, it was somehow revealed that the story was not actually about how he met their mother, but it was kind of building up of story to finally lead Ted to Robin for one last time.
Those, who haven't followed this sitcom probably won't understand anything, but those who have, would understand what I mean to say.
I was little disappointed with the way the story ended and it was kind of difficult to digest all of them grown up. Seems like wrapping up such successful sitcoms is always difficult. I found the same with other sitcom like "Friends".
But all in all, it was one of the most hilarious sitcoms, I have watch. Best part was any of its episodes were unpredictable. Those who wrote those episodes have really done a commendable job. You couldn't expect what will be served in today's episode. While watching it, you might feel what exactly is happening in the episode and might not make any sense, but then some how towards the end of the episode everything will synchronize. And in case it doesn't, then was also well taken care of by pointing out that the story teller don't exactly remembers.
I remember one such episode where Lily is pregnant and Barney kind of make fun of her, but saves her also. The whole episode was about how Ted is trying to recollect the events and finally gets the whole story right.
Then there were episodes with mention of some Goat in the apartment and how it made no sense.
HIMYM showed that you actually don't need a great story to make people laugh. It succeeded in creating laugh riots for nine consecutive years.
I think all the actors in the sitcom were highly benefited. We have seen Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney playing some big roles even in Hollywood movies, except for Ted around who the whole story revolves around. At least I did not come across any of this other work than HIMYM as yet.
It will be difficult to create the same magic again, but then, same was said when "FRIENDS" had ended.

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