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Through the skeleton

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Life changes dramatically. Some days are the best ones, but then unknowingly, things change and we get to witness the other extreme too. One thing that beautifully depicts this changes is a tree. It shows all kinds of color in a very short span. There are days when a tree is all covered in greenery. It gives us shade, fruits, flowers and what not. A tree with a good shade is something that a trekker really loves. After walking for a long time under the Sun, as soon as you get to see a tree with a good shade, you have to stay under it for some time. The coolness offered by the tree at such a time is the best thing one can experience.
But then days change. A point come when one can not see a single leaf on the tree. And the skeletons of the tree are out to visible eyes. Interestingly, during such times, nobody even bother to look at such trees, forget waiting under it for rest. Such times represent the mirror. Though, it is the tree that turns skeletal, but it reflects the real us who change priority towards others as per our convenience.
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