Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rollercoaster ride of Gujrat election results! Did you enjoy?

Ka Jo
Gujrat election results were declared yesterday. Whoever  had even remote interest in these results must have experienced a feeling of the roller coaster ride. I have never seen the results changing directions at such a fast pace. Exit poll results made an impression in mind that let whatever be the results, BJP is winning. And it actually started that way. For approximately first 45 minutes, impression was that BJP has a cake walk. But then suddenly things started changing. The seat gap between BJP and Congress started diminishing. I was following INDIA TV results, as I feel it is the fastest channel to bring trends in front of us.
So, at one point the tally said, BJP - 88 and Congress  - 70
And then just the next instant, it suddenly changed to BJP - 82 and Congress - 87.
I was like, what ?
Is it some typo error or something like that? But no it wasn't.
For those couple of minutes, every body whether a BJP follower or Congress follower, was surely confused. Exactly what to believe. Is it a time for joy or to be sad? No body knew.
That was just the time, I had to start for office. There was no way to stay back. Once started, my first stop or break from driving comes after 15 minutes. So, I was unsure but desperate to know what is happening.
But once I got chance, the trend had again reversed. Now BJP was marginally ahead. For next half hour, things kept moving in same way and then slowly, BJP started gaining control. Later it felt as if the worst is over for BJP and it is back on track. Slowly it even went on to 110 seats while pushing Congress to as low as 68.Towards the end though, it was clear that there is a very close tussle going on in around 12 seats. And here again, the trend reversed again giving Congress the final lead and raising their seat numbers to 80 while reducing BJP's seats to lowest in 22 years of 99.
BJP won it finally, but it surely must have made them worry the way it turned out inspite it being the homepitch of the prime minister.
Probably they will turn ultra cautious now and start making stronger preparations for 2019 elections. Congress might be a bit exuberant. Though they couldn't cross the line, but they definitely gave  a taste of medicine to BJP in their short run.
All said and done, it was a real exciting day for all politics lovers.
At the end, some how I feel
"Nobody was a looser and nobody was a winner"

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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