Monday, October 30, 2017

Focus in photography

Ka Jo
 Focusing on a specific object while taking a picture is one of the utmost necessary skills in photography. This can reveal some awesome features of a picture. Ofcourse a SLR camera will bring a more elaborate perspective to this. But, even a simple mobile camera can at times do some magic.
Just for an example, here is a toy car left on a bed and then clicked with it being at the core of the focus. It makes the surrounding things seem blur and give depth to the object of interest.
What made it more interesting for me to share this picture is the person behind the camera. May be a bit difficult to believe, but that is a kid of 3 years old. Recently, the kid is fascinated by cars, and there all different types of cars in our home.

Few days back, we bought a toy car Tata nano. Since it was Dusshera, I decided to have fun. So, I tried to capture it  from close range and shared it on Whatsapp saying new buy on the occassion o Dusshera. So, the process of capturing the car from different  angles to make it seem realistic was witnessed by the kid and that triggered this interest in him. Soon, during Diwali, he got another car in the gift. This time he tried his hands  and I must admit, his attempts seem to be way better than mine.
Here is another attempt  made by him to capture the car.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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