Monday, February 6, 2017

Doomsday clock and Donald Trump

Kaustubh Joshi
 The advent of Donald Trump as the 45th President of USA has really shaken the earth. As soon as he arrived, he has started taking decisions on the lines of what he had mentioned during the elections. Whether it is regarding the banning of immigrants from seven Muslim countries or bringing in restrictions and new norms on the issue of H1B visa, he is taking the whole world on a ride. To add to that, his way of thinking towards the scientific community has started creating a panic among all the scientists. Probably, this panic somehow appeared in the recently defined new time of the Doomsday clock.

I am pretty sure, most of the people had never of this clock, which kind of predicts our proximity to a possible catastrophic destruction.It considers all the possible conditions which may effect the human kind and depending on the threats from all such conditions, it is set to a time closing the mid night time of 12 o'clock. Here, the mid night time of 12 is considered as the time of that catastrophic destruction, and depending on the current situation, it is set to a time approaching this midnight time. This clock originally started in 1947 by the members of the bulletin of the atomic structures, wanted to use this clock to suggest a probable nuclear war. For example, the clock was set closest i.e. just 2 minutes to the mid night time in 1953, where a probable nuclear war threat appeared high because of the successful test of the thermonuclear device by the Soviet Union. It showed a lowered threat of any such nuclear war in 1991 by setting the clock to 17 minutes to mid night, when a treaty called START I to reduce the arms stock was signed between USA and soviet union.
Beginning with the intention to portray the threat of nuclear war, slowly, this doomsday clock started considering other parameters like climatic changes or some new adventurous  discoveries in the field of biological or chemical field, which may inflict irreparable damage to the human kind.
This year, this doomsday clock is set second next closest to the midnight time, i.e. at 2.30 minutes to the mid night. The triggering point here is the emerging Donald Trump as the president of the strongest nation on the earth. The scientists were already scared with all his unconventional way of threatening declarations made during the election period. The clock had already moved closer to mid night time, compared to earlier years. With his selection, the clock had to move a little more closer. 
Although, there doesn't seem to be any real threat hovering over our head, but as these scientists claim, it will be the way decisions being taken by the Trump government, not just regarding the nuclear weapons or strategies, but also his about maintaining the relations with different countries and guiding the path towards development, which will set the tone of the environment desirable by the human kind. 
Only the time has all the answers. What may seem as some abrupt decision by the Trump government, may probably end up as a right way to move ahead to answer the issues related to terrorism, financial imbalance and other issues. Lets wait and watch the changes in coming year. The next update of the Doomsday clock, will eventually indicate the direction of journey of human kind.


Kaustubh Joshi / Author & Editor

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