Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rio Olympic games: Heartbreaking Day 3 for India

Ka Jo
 I think, yesterday i.e. Day 3 of Rio Olympic games, probably could be one of the heart breaking days for India, in its entire Olympic journey. Yesterday, Indians missed opportunities at shortest possible intervals.And even these missed opportunities took place with in a close interval of time. For me, it was more of a shock after shock. Believe me, I never felt so bad after watching any sport event. Not even, when India lost in Cricket world cup finals!
First jolt came in form of Bindra near miss at the Bronze medal. It was really bad that he missed his career's last opportunity to get a medal on the last shot of the career. And it wasn't bad. He scored perfect, but still lost it. The intensity of this loss is evident from his pledge to never try shooting in life time ever after, even as a hobby. He has offered to sell his rifle. This is difficult to digest. Well, even after his loss, he looked calm with any effect on his body langauage.
The other shock we receive with a matter of minutes was the loss of Indian Men's hockey match against Germany. I was so much disturbed when the German hit that 2nd goal with only 3 seconds left for the hooter. It all happened in front of my eyes. I was so praying that Indians will tackle the ball out to the safe zone. They tackled it once, when there were 11 seconds left, but the germans returned and their player hit a shot from a long distance, with only 3 seconds remaining. I was so hoping that it will not reach the goal post, but was worried in mind for the other consequence. Unfortunately, that consequence came to reality. Even I lost cool and was disturbed. I don't how all our players must be going through after that goal. I am just worried, that this goal shouldn't effect their confidence. They still have a good chance to move ahead.
All the other events, where Indians participated, doesn't really need a mention. Laxmi Manzi just managed not to loose in straight sets in Archary. Swimmers just managed, not be the last one among all the competitors. All other shooters managed to get a ranking going in the double digit. 
So, one more disappointing day for India.
Today, we have a chance in Rowing (skull) and again in archary.
Lets see, if Indians make a mark today.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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