Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A terrorist called "Burhan Wani"

Ka Jo
Recently, a terrorist "Burhan Wani" has been gunned down in Kashmir. Now, such a news should bring some relief to common man, who generally hates violence, crime and wishes a peaceful life. But instead, we are being bombarded with some more news, where the killing of this terrorist is being condemned.  There is non-stop violence in Kashmir valley since then, in which as many as 24 people have lost their lives. It includes one policeman, who was forcefully drowned. And attempts are being made to portray this person as a hero. There are articles written, where he is shown as a victim of the brutal nature of Indian army. Read through this article as an example.

Are these localized sentiments about a boy from the valley, who was a good looking heart throb and  affectionate of all. Was he really a simple normal guy, who was misjudged?

Apparently, some of the journalists and politicians all thought about him in the same fashion. Thats why they all also condemned this killing of the terrorist. Some of the tweets suggest this:

But then, was he not involved in any of the terrorist activities. A list of activities are pointed out in the same article on firstpost, which if taken as it is goes like:

" In this avatar, Wani wasn't the terrorist who roamed around with a Rs 10 lakh bounty over his head, having dropped out from school at 15 and becoming a delinquent with a string of police cases against his name; he wasn't instrumental in brainwashing many local boys to take up the gun by glamorising terror through social media; he wasn't the Hizbul commander who released videos warning of attacks if colonies for Sainiks and Kashmiri Pandits were set up in the Valley; he wasn't the terrorist involved in the 2013 killing of four Rashtriya Rifles men in Buchoo Baala area in his hometown Tral; he wasn't the terrorist to warn the J&K Police of more attacks; he wasn't even the first Kashmiri militant to spring the idea of a Khilafat, an Islamic State, through a Facebook video which became wildly popular. No, Burhan Wani wasn't any of these."

These are some of the activities which were ignored while portraying him as a hero.

These things make me wonder, are these allegations on him and his involvement in terrorist activities rightly pointed out? If Indian army is so bad, why is it so bad only in Kashmir, when the army is equally posted in many other parts of the country. If he was a terrorist, then, all the people who are supporting him and creating ruckus in Kashmir are also guilty. There should not liberal point of view taken towards them, and should be treated as good as terrorists only. All the people who are trying hard to portray Indian army negatively and making this terrorist a hero, should also be prosecuted.
I feel so insecure, knowing that there are so many people around us, who are openly supporting these terrorists and we can do nothing about it. We can not be sure, when these supportive people themselves would become a terrorist themselves. I feel, government should take strong steps and curb down people's mentality of supporting a terrorist. Otherwise, people like us will loose faith, generalize and will never allow to open up to any Kashmiri. My feelings are aptly put down by Arnab Goswami in this video. It is strong feeling at the moment.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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