Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal: What exactly are you trying to do?

Ka Jo
Mostly, I avoid writing on politics, but, I have been wondering about few things recently, and  hence, this post. Two people have been in news for last few days and for all wrong reasons. 
One of them is Rahul Gandhi. I am really wondering, what is he trying to do? The way it appears to me, he is trying to play politics out of anything. He has unnecessarily blown up the present issue of National Herald. The court has summoned the Gandhis to appear in court, because the court probably found some concrete reasons to do so. How is this a political vendetta? Why should you answer about it in parliament, when you have been invited in the court to do so? You have been stalling parliament from functioning for all wrong reasons. You did it in monsoon session using Lalitgate and Vyapam ghotala. What happened to that? Did you follow it up? Or as it seems, they were just the reasons to stall the parliament from functioning.  Now, you are doing it again. This time you are using National Herald and some comment made by V. K. Singh, which sounds a lot construed. This is not helping you. People are watching. They can see, you are not helping, but becoming a barrier in the development of the country. Your party is already down to the lowest score ever in Loksabha. Instead of trying to build the party and make big gains, you are trying to get advantage from small ripples, not even waves. With such tactics, I don't see your party having any great future.

Another person is Arvind Kejriwal. Now, he has the charge of Delhi. I can not really say, how he is performing. For that, some one from the place need to be asked. But what I  am wondering are some of his comments and decisions which are coming in to limelight. I was awestruck, when, he increased the salary 4 times for all the parliamentarians. He himself will be earning as per the news, some where around 2.25 lakhs per month. I wonder why? His logic as I read is, with huge salaries, the parliamentarians won't have the urge to fall for corruption. That is arguable.
2-3 days back, he commented about the death of a 6 month old child during slum demolition. The news coming out, is the child died much before the demolition started. So, Arvind Kejriwal is giving comments, even before confirming the information. That is not expected from you. We have seen you talking during Anna's fight against corruption, always with the details in hand and to the point. This new avtar of Kejriwal is surprising us.
Yesterday's comment really made us loose respect for you. You are calling the Prime Minister of India as a coward and psycopath. I am wondering, if you have any basis to prove your allegations, or, have you just started blabbering anything now. It was uncalled comment. It made me wonder, are you the right decision taken by the people of Delhi?
These are two people, who literally have power in their hand and they can actually do wonders with that power. It may not be full power. With lots of restrictions, but still, you have power in hand. Make proper use of that power, and do something constructive, rather than pushing unnecessary words to the media.

and why all such things are directly connected to Narendra Modi? He is a prime minister, who has a responsibility to run a country, which, a prime minister in India, it seems like doing for the first time. We all can see, he is always involved in some or the other activity, promoting India.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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