Thursday, October 30, 2014

Calorie chart for Indian Dishes and Tracking

Ka Jo
I have written earlier about tracking your running activity using "Caledos Runner". I suggested an app which allows you to track the time, speed, distance as well as relative calories burnt during your walk or run. It is pretty helpful to keep a track and there by improvise your performance.
In addition to such an app, many a times we are looking for an aid that helps you keep track of what you eat. How much calories of food you intake everyday. If you are eating say 3000 calories every day and in return you are burning just 300 calories by running, then there is pretty much significant advantage of exercise.
There is a calculation which suggests that your calorie intake should not be more than
(Your weight in kgs) * 24 calories
i.e. if you are 80 kg, then maximum allowed calories for you are 80 * 24 i.e. 1920 calories.
This will maintain your weight at 80 kgs.
If you want to reduce your weight, then definitely your intake should  be less than this figure.
But this figure can not be reduced by more than 500 calories.
Means there is a lower limit to your reduced calorie intake. In this case, you should not reduce your intake to less than 1420 calories.
And in any case it should be reduced below 1000 calories per day.
 Now, main question that arises, is how do you measure this calorie intake.
For that again there is an app available. Easiest available one is "Bing Health and fitness".
There is a facility of Diet Tracking  with in this app. It has a list of dishes with corresponding  calorie value, and it allows you to keep a track of your calorie per day and makes a record of it for you to follow your regular diet needs.
There is one small problem with this app though. The list mostly is designed according to the food habits of western society. For example, I tried to search for "Besan Laddoo" (Thanks to heavy eating during Diwali). But the list does not contain such an item. Although there is a scope to customize the list. So, if you want to modify the list according to your food habits, there is a scope.
Now the next question, where will you find the list of food items of Indian origin and their corresponding energy content value.Most of the webpages, I came across, provide details of food out of western food habits. So, searching for Indian food with calorie chart needed little digging. I did little search and am providing here with two links which provide most of the food cuisines of Indian origin.

Kindly take advantage of these links, update you "Bing Health and Fitness" list and try to keep a track of your per day calorie intake.  This of course is relevant to those who are continuous about their health. For others, just enjoy the food 

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