Monday, May 19, 2014

Abki Baar Modi Sarkar

Ka Jo
This times election in India has been significant. It has changed many definitions and baffled every body.
What Narendra Modi has done, can only be called as a Magic. For the first in the history of India, has any party other than Congress, grown to such a stature to get the majority on its own. It brought an end to the era of coalition politics. It reduced a party of 150 years history to a level to stand in lines with regional parties. It saw many stalwarts loosing from their own forts. It saw for the first time, a big name like Rahul Gandhi trailing till half the counting before he managed to survive some how. It for the first time has shaken the roots of politics in India which was based on dynasty till date. It proved that people do not care any more caste, religion or any other such discrimination but instead want development. People for the first time were heard saying that they do not want free things but want opportunities to grow.
Something surely has changed. Any person we meet  is looking upbeat and excited. There is different kind of vibe coming from foreign countries which make us feel that India is a stronger country than before.
I believe all the expectations, the people of India have, will come in to reality. Coming 60 months should set a mark of development for India.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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