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Aadhar Card: A mockery?

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Came across this news which left me wondering whether I should laugh or worry about pathetic situation.
The news highlights the examples of incidences where in place of any person's face on Aadhar Card, pictures of a tree, dog or an empty chair had been put. Even under extremely flexible situation, I could understand a picture of an empty chair in place of person's face. By mistake a photo is clicked even before person sits in place and so an empty chair appearing.And then without giving any second thought, the same picture is put up on the card. But how can you put a picture of a dog or a tree in place of person's face. Where and how did you clicked that photo?
One thing I realized is the people who are working on processing these Aadhar cards are not really trained properly to carry out these procedures and neither are their instruments in that good working conditions. It is really difficult to find a single card with a decent photograph of the person. My mother recently managed to go through the procedure and when she showed me the photograph taken and printed on the receipt, it took me few minutes to recognize the photo and match it with mother's face. When she was asked to give the prints of her fingers in biometric, the instrument was not recording the prints even after trying many different  ways. Ultimately, some body suggested to put some Vaseline on her hands and then only her prints were recorded. Sure, she got through the act, but it must have affected the instrument and so the biometric process  of other people in line.

I am still wondering why are working on this new type of card. Every body now a days have PAN cards. Why not just make it more efficient to cover up all the things that Aadhar card will do. All ready PAN cards are taking care of all the financial activities of a person. Well that's just my view. I am not expert to understand the differences and necessities of separate cards for different purposes.  But when ever I manage to find the center for Aadhar card and sneak in the line to get my Aadhar card done, I will prefer to take my own photo.
How is your experience by the way?
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